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Table 1 Battery of Outcome Measures

From: Charting the progression of disability in parkinson disease: study protocol for a prospective longitudinal cohort study

ICF Disablement Construct Outcome Variable
Body Structure and Function  
  MDS-UPDRS Sections I, III
  6 Minute Walk Test
  9 Hole Peg Test
  Berg Balance Scale
  Freezing of Gait Questionnaire
  Functional Gait Assessment
  Gait Speed (10 meter walk)
  MDS-UPDRS Section II
  Timed Up and Go
  Ambulatory Activity
  1. MDS-UPDRS = Movement Disorders Society-Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale; PASE = Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly; PDQ-39 = Parkinson Disease Questionnaire - 39