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Table 1 Classification of the literature consulted, according to strength of evidence

From: Evidence based guidelines for complex regional pain syndrome type 1

Level of evidence for studies on intervention:
A1 systematic reviews that comprise at least several A2 quality trials whose results are consistent
A2 high-quality randomized comparative clinical trials (randomized, double-blind controlled trials) of sufficient size and consistency
B randomized clinical trials of moderate quality or insufficient size, or other comparative trials (non-randomized, comparative cohort study, patient control study)
C    non-comparative trials
D    opinions of experts, such as project group members
Level of evidence for conclusions:
1 at least one systematic review (A1) or two independent grade A2 studies
2 at least two independent grade B studies
3 at least one grade A2, B or C study
4 opinions of experts, such as project group members