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Table 5 Partial Correlation analysis between mean FA (within the significant clusters) and cognitive performance in the MetSd group, controlling age effect

From: White matter fractional anisotropy is related to processing speed in metabolic syndrome patients: a case-control study

Cognitive test Corpus Callosum region MNI coordinates p value r
   x y z   
SDMT Right Anterior 21 29 28 0.002 0.7
  Left Posterior -33 -44 9 0.002 0.7
CPT-II RT       
  Left Anterior -17 26 22 0.051 0.4
  1. SDMT = Symbol Digit Modalities Test; CPT-II = Continuous Performance Test II; RT = Reaction time; F = Frontal; O = Occipital; T = Temporal; r = Pearson coefficient.