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Table 1 NPSLE - Clinical Characteristics

From: Diffusion tensor imaging in neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus

Subject Group New Stroke New TIA* Acute Seizure Acute Cognitive Decline Acute Confusional State New Psychosis
1 NPSLE   Yes     
2 NPSLE Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
3 NPSLE   Yes     
4 NPSLE   Yes     
5 NPSLE   Yes     
6 NPSLE    Yes    
7 NPSLE   Yes     
8 NPSLE     Yes   
9 NPSLE   Yes     
10 NPSLE   Yes     
11 NPSLE Yes   Yes Yes Yes  
12 NPSLE   Yes     
13 NPSLE   Yes     
14 NPSLE Yes      
15 NPSLE Yes Yes     
16 NPSLE Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
17 NPSLE Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
  1. Clinical Characteristics of NPSLE patient cohort. Six patients had new strokes, thirteen had new transient ischemic attacks, two presented with acute seizures, two presented with acute cognitive deficits, four presented with acute confusional states, and one presented with new onset psychosis. These symptoms are consistent with a diagnosis of NPSLE.
  2. *TIA = Transient Ischemic Attack