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Table 2 An overview of patient assessments

From: Design and baseline characteristics of the ParkFit study, a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a multifaceted behavioral program to increase physical activity in Parkinson patients

  Baseline 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
  Visit &
Questionnaires Visit &
Questionnaires Visit &
Physical Activity      
LAPAQ x x x x x
Activity Monitor x x x x x
Activity Diary x x x x x
Physical Fitness      
6 MWT x   x   x
Åstrand-Ryhming test x   x   x
Quality of Life      
PDQ-39 x x x x x
Health Effects      
UPDRS III, motor function x   x   x
Nine hole peg board test x   x   x
Timed up and go test x   x   x
DXA x     
SCOPA-sleep x x x x x
HADS x x x x x
FSS x x x x x
Cognitive testing battery* x   x   x
PD medication x x x x x
Medical costs & EQ-5D x x x x x
Number of falls (monthly) x x x x x
Blood pressure x   x   x
Height x   x   x
Body weight x   x   x
Education x     
Employment x     
Alcohol use x   x   x
Smoking x   x   x
Lifetime physical activity x     
Attitude, SS & SE** x     
  1. * Including tests for spatial working memory[49], intra- and extra-dimensional shift performance[50, 51], paired associate learning performance[50], phonemic and semantic word fluency[52], and complex figure drawing[53]
  2. ** Only patients in the ParkFit Program