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Table 1 Summaries of all studies on stroke in Iran

From: Frequency and clinical patterns of stroke in Iran - Systematic and critical review

Study City or province Study period in years Published Language Included for assessment
Pakdaman[51] Tehran Four, 1986-1990 Persian No
Ashrafi[52] Urmia Two, 1991-1992 Persian No
Janghorbani, et al[53] Kerman Two, 1992-1994 English No
Mahmoodi[54] Yazd < two, 1993-1994 Persian No
Khandaghi[55] Tabriz One, 1994 Persian Noa
Azimian, et al[56] Hamadan One, 1994-1995 Persian No
Masoud, et al[57] Kashan One, 1996-1997 Persian No
Ashrafi, et al[58] Urmia One,1997 (1 yr) Persian No
Miabi, et al[59] Tabriz Three, 1996-1999 Persian No
Ravari, et al[60] Rafsanjan Three, 1996-1999 Persian No
Noor-Mohammadi, et al[61] Gilan Two, 1996-1998 Persian No
Harirchian, et al[62] Tehran Five, 1997-2002 English No
Andelib, et al[63] Bushehr < half a year, 1998 Persian No
Asadpour, et al[64] Sanandaj One, 1998 Persian No
Masoud[65] Tehran < a year, 1998 English No
Ebrahimi, et al[23] Kerman One 1998-1999 English No
Razaazian, et al[66] Kermanshah Two,1998-2000 Persian No
Hosseini, et al[67] Gorgan One, 1999 Persian No
EmadZadeh, et al[68] Mashhad Three, 1999-2002 Persian No
Togha, et al[22] Tehran Three, 1999-2002 English Yesa
Sabet, et al[69] Isfahan Two, 2000-2002 English No
Oveisgharan, et al[20] Isfahan Three, 2000-2003 English Yes
Mousavi, et al[46] Isfahan Five, 2000-2004 English No
Ghandehari, et al[70] South. Khorasan Five, 2000-2005 English Duplicate
Ghandehari, et al[15] South. Khorasan Five, 2000-2005 English Yes
Nikseresht, et al[19] Shiraz Three, 2001-2003 Persian Yes
Ahangar, et al[10] Babol Two, 2001-2003 English Yes
Ahangar, et al[71] Babol Two, 2001-2003 Persian Duplicate
Ghandehari, et al[17] South. Khorasan Five, 2001-2005 English Yes
Ghandehari, et al[72] South. Khorasan Five, 2001-2005 English Duplicate
Savadi Oskoui, et al[73] Ardabil Half a year, 2002 Persian No
Savadi Oskoui, et al[74] Ardabil Half a year, 2002 Persian No
Noubahar, et al[75] Semnan One, 2002-2003 Persian No
Sarsar Shahi, et al[24] Urmia Four, 2002-2006 Persian Noa
Ghandehari, et al[12] South. Khorasan Five, 2002-2007 English Yesb
Parniya, et al[21] Ardabil One, 2003 Persian Yesa
Dodangeh, et al[76] Tehran < half a year 2003 Persian No
Tavassoli, et al[77] Tehran Two, 2003-2005 Persian Nob
Amini Sani, et al[78] Ardabil < two, 2004-2005 Persian Noa
Hashemilar, et al[79] Ardabil One, 2004-2005 Persian No
Ghandehari, et al[16] South. Khorasan One, 2005-2006 English Yesa
Ghandehari, et al[11] South. Khorasan One, 2006 English Yesa
Ghandehari, et al[14] South. Khorasan One, 2006-2007 Persian Yesa
Ghandehari, et al[18] Mashhad One, 2007 English Yesa
Ghandehari, et al[13] Mashhad Two, 2006-2007 English Yesa
Iranmanesh, et al[80] Rafsanjan Not clear English No
Iranmanesh, et al[81] Rafsanjan Not clear Persian No
  1. aThe study does not report incidence data, but designed for risk factor, mortality or prognosis analysis. bStudy on Paediatric cases.