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Table 4 Possible benefits stroke patients might gain from an additional mental practice intervention: opinions of eleven therapists

From: Feasibility of a mental practice intervention in stroke patients in nursing homes; a process evaluation

benefits patients might perceive through the use of MP as suggested by therapists Yes, most patients Yes, some patients No, none of the patients
To Improve movements 2 9 -
To feel less anxious 1 5 5
To increase a secure feeling 1 10 -
To feel more self confident 5 6 -
To motivate themselves for therapy 1 10 -
As a strategy training 4 6 1
Other reason - - -
Do therapists think patients are able to imagine movements - 11 -
  Yes Don't know No
Do therapists think patients benefit from mental practice (is MP beneficial to recovery)? 2 9 -
Should MP be part of the rehabilitation guidelines according to the therapists and will therapist apply MP after the trial has ended?
MP part of guidelines?
1 9 1
Will apply MP after trial? 7 4 -
  1. MP = mental practice