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Table 1 Validated instruments included in questionnaire booklets

From: Patient-orientated longitudinal study of multiple sclerosis in south west England (The South West Impact of Multiple Sclerosis Project, SWIMS) 1: protocol and baseline characteristics of cohort

  MS Baseline Questionnaire MS 6-Monthly Follow-Up Questionnaire Version A* MS 6-Monthly Follow-Up Questionnaire Version B* CIS Baseline Questionnaire CIS 12-Monthly Follow-Up Questionnaire
EuroQol [27]  
Fatigue Severity Scale [28]    
Functional Assessment of MS (modified 44-items scale) [29]     
General Health Questionnaire-30 [30]  
Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36-Item Health Study (version 2) [31]  
MS Disease Impact Scale-29 (version 2) [7]    
MS Neuropsychological Screening Questionnaire [32]     
MS Walking Scale (version 2) [33]    
Postal Barthel Index [34]     
  1. *To minimise the risk of overburdening participants, participants are randomly allocated to receive initially either Version A or Version B. Participants then receive alternate versions every six months.