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Table 2 Schedule of assessments in the FUTURE study

From: Risk factors and prognosis of young stroke. The FUTURE study: A prospective cohort study. Study rationale and protocol

Assessment Baseline Follow-up
Ethnicity   X
Education   X
Marital status   X
Social/living status   X
Stroke Characteristics   
Qualifying event X  
Symptoms at onset X  
Discharge date and destination X  
NIHSS at admission and at discharge X  
Modified Ranking Scale at discharge X  
Medical History   
History of any cardiovascular disease X X*
Cardiovascular risk factors X X*
Family history of cardiovascular disease X X
Medication use X X*
Stroke related surgical procedures X X*
Epilepsy X X*
Neuropsychologic examination   
Global cognitive function   
   Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) X X
Verbal memory function   
   Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test   X
Visuospatial memory   
   Rey's Complex Figure Test   X
Speed of information processing   
   Symbol-Digit Substitution Task   X
   Stroop test   X
Working memory   
   Paper and Pencil Memory Scanning Tasks   X
Executive functioning   
   Animal Fluency task   X
   Verbal series attention test   X
Subjective cognitive failures   
   Cognitive failures questionnaire   X
Depressive symptoms   
   Structured questionnaire depressive symptoms   X
   Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI)   X
   Center of Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale(CES-)   X
   Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale   X
Physical examination   
Length and weight X X
Waist circumference   X
Blood pressure X X
Heart rate X X
Neurological examination   
Babinsky sign X  
Sensory system   
   Quantitative measurement by vibration tuning fork   X
Muscle strength   
   Medical Research Council Scale (MRC)   X
Mobility and activities of daily living   
TUG-test   X
Exercise expressed in metabolic equivalent value   X*
Tinetti test (body balance and gait)   X
Modified Ranking Scale (MRS) X X
Barthel Index   X
Instrumental activities of daily living questionnaire (IADL)   X
Additional questionnaires   
   CIS20R   X
Health related quality of life   
   Short Form 36   X
   EQ-5D   X
   Stroke impact scale 3.0   X
Sleep disturbances   X*
List of Threatening Experiences (LTE)   X*
Work   X*
Radiological examination   
Confirmation of index event (CT or MRI) X  
Angiography X  
   T1 magnetization-prepared rapid gradient echo   X
   FLAIR pulse sequences   X
   Transversal T2* weighted gradient echo sequence   X
   Diffusion Tensor imaging   X
   Resting state imaging   X
   Time-of-flight angiography   X
Ancillary investigation   
Electrocardiogram X X
Ultrasonography of the carotid arteries X X
  1. * Variables were collected both for the period before and after the index event.