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Table 1 Impulse control and compulsive behaviours diagnoses and medication data in patients with restless legs syndrome

From: Frequency of impulse control behaviours associated with dopaminergic therapy in restless legs syndrome

Patient ICB diagnosis DA type/dose L-dopa dose
1 Compulsive shopping, binge eating Ropinirole/2mg 100 mg
2 Computer gambling, hypersexuality Pramipexole/0.72 mg --
3 Binge eating, punding Pramipexole/1.4 mg --
4 Gambling, binge eating Ropinirole/4.5 mg --
5 Compulsive shopping, binge eating Ropinirole/2 mg --
6 Computer gambling, hypersexuality, binge eating Pramipexole/0.95 mg --
7 Compulsive shopping, binge eating Lisuride/2.5 mg --
8 Punding Cabergoline/3 mg  
9 Compulsive shopping -- 100 mg
10 Compulsive shopping, punding -- 500 mg