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Table 1 Basic clinical data, findings of magnetic resonance imaging, and therapeutic outcome of the 7 HIV-negative cryptococcal meningoencephalitis patients with acute/subacute cerebral infarctions

From: Acute/subacute cerebral infarction (ASCI) in HIV-negative adults with cryptococcal meningoencephalitis (CM): a MRI-based follow-up study and a clinical comparison to HIV-negative CM adults without ASCI

Case No Age (y)/Sex Clinical presentations (duration before admission) Underlying conditions Findings of magnetic resonance imaging Outcome
     Sites of infarction MRA Others  
1 70/M Headache, fever, altered consciousness, right hemiparesis (2 months) Diabetes mellitus, chronic renal disease Bilateral thalami, rostrum of corpus callosum Mild narrowing of right MCA, right PCA, right ACA - Survived
2 73/M Fever, altered consciousness, left hemiparesis (1 month) Previous stroke Pons: hemorrhage infarct, left midbrain, right posterior limb internal capsule Narrowing of left VA Leptomeningeal enhancement; ventricular dilatation, V-R space dilatation Survived
3 78/M Altered consciousness, fever, right hemiparesis, headache, seizure (2 weeks) Hepatitis C Splenium Narrowing of right ACA, MCA, ICA V-R space dilatation Survived
4 46/F Altered consciousness, fever (2 months) Hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis, s/p liver transplantation Right pons, right corona radiata, cerebellum, bilateral temporal region, bilateral basal ganglia, bilateral high frontal, right occipital Narrowing of right VA Leptomeningeal enhancement, ventricular dilatation Died
5 75/M Altered consciousness (1 week) Diabetes mellitus 1st: Right thalamus, left temporal region; 2nd: bilateral basal ganglion, midbrain Narrowing of left ICA, right ICA, left MCA, right VA - Survived
6 68/F Fever, altered consciousness, headache (2 months) Chronic renal disease, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, previous stroke Midbrain, right temporoparietal region - Leptomeningeal enhancement, ventricular dilatation Died
7 71/F Fever, altered consciousness, right hemiparesis, oculomotor palsy (2 weeks) Diabetes mellitus, hypertension Midbrain, bilateral thalami Poor opacification of bilateral PCAs Leptomeningeal enhancement, ventricular dilatation, V-R space dilatation Died
  1. M = male; F = female; y = years; VR = Virchow-Robin; MCA = middle cerebral artery; ACA = anterior cerebral artery; ICA = internal carotid artery; PCA = posterior cerebral artery; VA = vertebral artery