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Table 2 Patient success at each self-administration step using the prefilled pen (analysis population, n = 70)

From: An open-label, multicenter study to evaluate the safe and effective use of the single-use autoinjector with an Avonex® prefilled syringe in multiple sclerosis subjects

Steps in self-administration using the prefilled pen Patients who completed step correctly and in an optional manner, n(%)
Device setup
   Holds device in an upright position and removes tamper-evident cap 66 (94)
   Holds device in an upright position and attaches needle 58 (83)
   Extends injector shield all the way, while pointing device away from body 61 (87)
   Places and holds prefilled pen perpendicularly to anterior lateral thigh (injection site) 68 (97)
   Applies firm downward pressure on the body of the prefilled pen and releases the safety lock and fires device by depressing blue activation button 65 (93)
   Holds device for a count of 10 seconds before removing needle from thigh 67 (96)
   Lifts device straight out, perpendicular to thigh 68 (97)
   Visually confirms delivery via circular display window 58 (83)
Capping and disposal  
   Caps the device with blue cover 66 (94)
   Does not hold blue cover in place while capping prefilled pen 63 (90)
  1. Note: All data were captured in the observation form.