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Figure 3

From: Sporadic fatal insomnia in a young woman: A diagnostic challenge: Case Report

Figure 3

Western blot analysis. A: The unglycosylated fraction of PrPres shows a gel mobility of approximately 19 kDa matching PrPres type 2 in each brain region examined. S1 (μl): volume of brain supernatant (see Methods) loaded into the gel; T1: PrPres type 1 (20 kDa) from a case of sCJD with genotype 129MM used as control. B: Western blot showing PrPres from the thalamic nuclei indicated after probing with the 1:4,000 concentration of 3F4 compared to 1:40,000 in A. Fc: frontal cortex; Pc: parietal cortex; Tc: temporal cortex; Oc: occipital cortex; Hi: hippocampus; Ec: entorhinal cortex; Cn: caudate nucleus; Av: anterior ventral thalamic nucleus; Dm: mediodorsal thalamic nucleus; Plv: thalamic pulvinar; Ce: cerebellum.

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