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Table 5 Clinical characteristics of the eight patients with associated CD

From: Prevalence of celiac disease in multiple sclerosis

Patients Gastrointestinal symptoms Weight loss Neurological syndrome IFN-beta treatment Dermatitis ANA (+)
1 Diarrhea Yes Myelitis No Yes No
2 None No Myelitis Yes No Yes
3 GERD+Constipation No Optical neuritis No Yes Yes
4 Constipation No Encephalitis No No No
5 GERD No Myelitis No Yes No
6 Constipation No Encephalitis Yes No No
7 GERD+Constipation No Optical neuritis No No No
8 None No Myelitis Yes Yes No
  1. GERD = Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease; ANA = Antinuclear antibody test