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Figure 1

From: Individualized, home-based interactive training of cerebral palsy children delivered through the Internet

Figure 1

The MiTii training system. A: Illustration made from screenshots of MiTii. The editing window is where the individual settings are done and progressively modified. First step in the editing is to choose the group of patients (purple dot). Next the screen of the individual client in question is selected (green dot). Each individual training programme is made up of a sequence of exercises. The different exercises are represented by icons that can be moved around freely to accomplish the optimal individual sequence. The full program covers from 30 to 45 minutes (blue dot). A basic case record system is provided to store personal patient information (red dot). A double click on each of the icons opens up a new window (arrow). Here it is possible to adjust a range of parameters B: The necessary hardware comprises a computer (1) with a webcam and an Internet connection. A green elastic band (2) is placed on the person in training. The band is placed around the head, on the wrists, the knees, the elbows or wherever the therapists find it to meet the requirements.

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