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Figure 2

From: Individualized, home-based interactive training of cerebral palsy children delivered through the Internet

Figure 2

Changes in AMPS, muscle strength, gait and TVPS following the 20 week training program. A-C: Black and grey columns give group averages before and after the training, respectively. Each vertical line is one SEM. In A the ordinate gives the ADL ability in the motor skills test (left columns) and processing skills test (right columns). In B the ordinate gives the number of steps that the children could make on average in the frontal step-up (left columns), lateral step-up (middle columns) and sit to stand (right columns) tests. In C the ordinate is the number of minutes that the children were able to walk on average. In D the ordinate is the total score in the 7 TVPS tests as a percentage of the average score for an age-matched healthy population. Black columns are values before training and grey columns are values after training. vertical lines give 1 SEM.

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