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Table 3 Published Studies

From: Chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, depression and disordered sleep in chronic post-SARS syndrome; a case-controlled study

re Patients Post-SARS (re Sleep)
Location Followup Time Outcomes
Toronto Acute illness (Retrospective) no discussion sleep [2]
  21 day no discussion of sleep [1]
  3 weeks post discharge Appears to be 100% prevalence insomnia (two cases were severe) [4]
  One year complaints of sleep disturbance averaging 47% prevalence [26]
Asia "peak of outbreak" Sleep problems noted, no incidence given [50]
  6 months No discussion sleep [51]
  Summary 2005 No discussion sleep [52]
  Summary 2006 No discussion sleep [53]
re Health Care Workers Not Ill With SARS (re Sleep)
Toronto 4 weeks No prevalence given, but "sleep may be the first casualty"[54]
  ~ 5 months "Stigma, fear, frustration" but no discussion sleep [55]
  26 months Negative psychological effects but no discussion sleep [56]
Asia 5 weeks No discussion sleep [57]
  April, May 2003 No discussion sleep [58]
  3 months Sleep "poor", improved by prevention program [37]
  30 months "Mental health catastrophe" but no discussion sleep [59]