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Table 1 Schedule of assessments.

From: Drug adherence and multidisciplinary care in patients with multiple sclerosis: Protocol of a prospective, web-based, patient-centred, nation-wide, Dutch cohort study in glatiramer acetate treated patients (CAIR study)

  Baseline Month 3 Month 6 Month 9 Month 12
Adherence* X X X X X
MSQoL-54 X   X   X
Adverse Events X X X X X
Relapses X X X X X
EDSS** X     X
DAQ-90      X
DRS X     
  1. *, and at 6 additional random time points
  2. **, optional
  3. MSSES, Multiple Sclerosis Self Efficacy Scale
  4. MSQoL-54, Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54
  5. EDSS, Expanded Disability Status Scale
  6. DAQ-90, Dutch Adherence Questionnaire-90
  7. DRS, Discontinuation Risk Score