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Table 4 Outcome measures: Cognitive tests used for two cognitive domains of memory and executive function/processing speed

From: The association between cognitive function and white matter lesion location in older adults: a systematic review

Reference Executive function / Processing speed Memory
Groot et al. et al. [24] Stroop, Letter-Digit Substitution Task, Verbal Fluency Rey’s Auditory, Memory Scanning Task
Shenkin et al. [25] Verbal Fluency, Controlled Word Association, Moray House Test, Raven’s Progressive Matrices Wechsler Memory Scale
Baune et al. [26] Stroop, Letter-Digit Substitution Task 3-Word Recall
Kim et al. [27] Boston Naming, Buccofacial Praxis Test, Semantic Controlled Oral Word Association Test, Stroop Color, Word Test Seoul Verbal Learning Test, Ray Complex Figure Test, Delayed Recall and Recognition, Digit Span Tests
Silbert et al. [28] - Delayed Story Recall
McClleland et al. [21] Digit-Symbol Substitution Task -
Wright et al. [29] Color Trail 1 & 2 -
Kaplan et al. [30] Stroop, Trail Making, CalCap Repeated Battery for Neuropsychological Status
Wakefield et al. [31] Stroop, Trail Making 1 & 2, CalCap -
O’Brien et al. [32] Verbal Fluency, Trail Making 1 & 2 Memory Component of CDR
Smith et al. [14] Letter Fluency, Trail Making 2 Episodic Memory, Alpha Span Test
Burns et al. [33] Trail Making 1 & 2, Short Blessing Test, Boston Naming Wechsler Memory Scale, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
Ishii et al. [34] Verbal Fluency, Trail Making Test, Benton’s Visual Form Test ADAS-Cog, 10 Word Recall, Digit Span Forward
Tullberg et al. [35] Verbal Fluency Wechsler Memory Scale, Word List Learning, Digit Span Backward
  1. Abbreviations: CalCap = California Computerized Assessment Package; CDR = Clinical Dementia Rating Scale; ADAS-Cog = Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive.