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Figure 4

From: Altered small-world properties of gray matter networks in breast cancer

Figure 4

Difference in regional network characteristics relative to random networks; A) Controls showed greater network betweenness centrality in left SFG, left PrCG, right PCUN, right REC and right ITG while the BC group showed greater betweenness in right ANG, right CALC, left ACC, right IPL, and left THL. B) Controls demonstrated higher network degree in left MFG, left MFOr, bilateral SFG, left PrCG, right ITG and right MTG. The BC group showed greater degree in bilateral ANG, left IOG, right IPL and left SMG. Squares represent control minus BC group measure, dashed lines show the 95% confidence interval and the dotted line shows the mean for the random graph distribution. Regions that showed significantly higher/lower degree in CON relative to BC are shown in pink/cian color on the ICBM152 brain template. Abbreviations are used as follow: L: left hemisphere; AMYG: amygdala; ANG: angular gyrus; CALC: calcarine fissure; CN: caudate nucleus; ACC: anterior cingulate; MCC: mid-cingulate; PCC: posterior cingulate; CUN: cuneus; IFOp: inferior frontal gyrus, opercular part; IFOr: inferior frontal gyrus, orbital part; IFTr: inferior frontal gyrus, triangular part; MedFOr: medial frontal gyrus, orbital part; MFG: middle frontal gyrus; MFOr: middle frontal gyrus, orbital part; SFG: superior frontal gyrus; MedSF: superior frontal gyrus, medial part; SFOr: superior frontal gyrus, orbital part; FG: fusiform gyrus; HSHL: heschl gyrus; HIPP: hippocampus; INS: insula; LNG: lingual gyrus; IOG: inferior occipital gyrus; MOG: middle occipital gyrus; SOG: superior occipital gyrus; OFB: olfactory cortex; PLD: lenticular nucleus, pallidum; PCL: paracentral lobule; PHIP: parahippocampal gyrus; IPL: inferior parietal lobule; SPL: superior parietal lobule; PoCG: postcentral gyrus; PrCG: precentral gyrus; PCUN: precuneus; PUT: putamen; REC: gyrus rectus; RLN: rolandic operculum; SMA: supplementary motor area; SMG: supramarginal gyrus; ITG: inferior temporal gyrus; MTG: middle temporal gyrus; MTP: middle temporal pole; STP: superior temporal pole; STG: superior temporal gyrus; THL: thalamus.

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