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Figure 2

From: Huntington's Disease and its therapeutic target genes: a global functional profile based on the HD Research Crossroads database

Figure 2

Distribution of HD-relevant genes across biological processes. A) Using GO annotation, HD-relevant genes were assigned to a reduced set of GO Slim categories, representing biological processes. Only processes with more than 50 HD-relevant genes are displayed on the pie-chart. Numbers refer to assigned HD-relevant genes. Biological processes that are significantly enriched (FDR ≤ 0.01) are set in bold. Red labels indicate an odds ratio ≥ 2.0 with respect to the number of genes expected by chance. Note that the BP categories are not exclusive, i.e., a gene can be assigned to several BP categories. B) Enrichment of HD-relevant genes displayed as odds ratios for selected biological processes from the full list of GO categories (see Additional file 2).

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