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Table 6 Painful neuropathic disorders

From: Clinical characteristics and patterns of healthcare utilization in patients with painful neuropathic disorders in UK general practice: a retrospective cohort study

  ICD-10 diagnosis codes
Painful neuropathic disorders  
"Pure" painful neuropathic disorders  
Diabetic neuropathy 250 AT, 250 F, C106.00, C106.11, C106.12, C106.13, C106000, C106100, C106y00, C106z00, C108200, C108211, C108212, C108B00, C108B11, C108B12, C108C00, C108C11, C108C12, C108J00, C108J11, C108J12, C109200, C109211, C109212, C109A00, C109A11, C109A12,C109B00, C109B11, C109B12, C10A400, C10E200, C10E211, C10E212, C10F200, C10F211, C10FH00, C10FH11, F345000, F35z000, F372.00, F372.11, F372.12, F372000, F372100, F381311, F3y0.00
Post-herpetic neuralgia 054 G, 355 PH, A531.11, A531200, A531300, A531500, A531511, F300.00, F374400
Back pain with neuropathic involvement 352, 7286, 3499E, 353 A, 353 C, 353 HP, 353 NP, 353 NT, 353 PP, 353 T, 355 AR, 355 AT, 7251D, 7285A, 7288LM, 7288RP, 7289B, 7289CE, F161400, F163.00, F163000, F163200, F163z00, F16y.00, F16y000, F16y100, F16yz00, F16z.00, F16z.11, F16z.12, F246.00, F246000, F246100, F246z00, F29y400, F29y411, F337100, F337200, F337200, F337300, F350.00, F378.00, N113.00, N113000, N113100, N113200, N115.00, N115000, N115100, N115200, N11B.00, N11B000, N11B100, N11B200, N11C.00, N11C000, N11C100, N11C200, N11y200, N11z100, N129.00, N129.11, N129000, N129200, N129300, N129z00, N12B.00, N12B100, N12B200, N12C400, N134.11, N142000, N143.00, N143.11, N144.00, N144.00, N144000, N144100, N144z00, N144z00, Nyu6200, Nyu6300, Nyu7300, Nyu7400
Neck pain with neuropathic involvement 7284, 3470 CE, 352 CS, 355 AS, 357 J, F330300, N111.00, N111000, N111100, N111200, N111300, N119.00, N119000, N119100, N119200, N129100, N12B000, N12zH00, N134.00, N134.12, N134.12
Cancer with neuropathic pain F337000, F373.00, Fyu7400
Causalgia 355 CL, F344.00, N337.12, N337111
Phantom limb pain 7816PL, 7816PM, 7816PN, F336.00, F336000
Trigeminal neuralgia 1475.00, 7021400, 7023000, 7024400, 7024411, 7025400, 7027400, 7028400, 7028511, 351 A, 355 JW, 357 H, F301.00, F301000, F301z00, Fyu6000
Atypical facial pain 351 AF, 351 BA, F302.00, F321.00
Other painful neuropathies 1B46.00, 261 BR, 276 NR, 29B4.00, 29B5.00, 29B5000, 3479DT, 351 OC, 7871 HA, 7871 HB, 792 N, 792 PN, A531111, A72x100, C262300, C34y400, F335.00, F335.11, F342.11, F342000, F370100, F370z00, FyuAE00, G73y400, G73y411, G73y500, G73y511, G73y600, R020700, 340.12, 352, 355.00, 357, 7283, 7288, 3032R, 3039PN, 3499M, 352 L, 352 LN, 354 P, 355 A, 355 AB, 355 AQ, 355 AV, 355 B, 355 C, 355D, 357 C, 357 K, 357 KL, 357 KP, 357 LN, 357 ME, 357 NL, 357TT, 7283BR, 7284RP, 984 N, 9851N, 9909ML, 'E011100, F33..00, F337.00, F33y.00, F33z.00, F34..00, F340.00, F340.12, F341000, F341100, F345.00, F34y.00, F34z.00, F35..00, F351.00, F355.00, F356000, F356100, F356100, F35x.00, F35y.00, F35z.00, F35z.11, F36..00, F360.00, F360z00, F362.00, F364.00, F365.00, F366.00, F367.00, F36y.00, F36yz00, F36z.00, F37..00, F37..11, F370.00, F371.00, F371000, F371100, F371200, F371z00, F374.00, F374000, F374100, F374200, F374300, F374500, F374600, F374700, F374800, F374900, F374A00, F374z00, F375.00, F376.00, F377.00, F37x.00, F37y.00, F37y000, F37z.00, F37z.11, Fyu1300, Fyu6.00, Fyu6500, Fyu6A00, Fyu6B00, Fyu6C00, Fyu6D00, Fyu7.00, Fyu7100, Fyu7200, Fyu7300, Fyu7500, Fyu7600, Fyu7700, Fyu7800, Fyu7900, Fyu7B00, Fyu7C00, FyuAC00, L164.00, L164000, L164200, L164300, L164400, L164z00, N134.14, N1y0.00, N1y0.00, N242.00, N242000, N242100, N242200, N242300, N242z00, N242z11