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Table 1 Assessment of outcome measures across the protocol

From: V-TIME: a treadmill training program augmented by virtual reality to decrease fall risk in older adults: study design of a randomized controlled trial

  Category Outcome measures Pre training Post training One month follow up Six month follow up
Primary outcome measure Falls Fall frequency     x
Secondary outcome measures Gait Gait speed x x x x
Gait variability x x x x
2 MWT x x x x
Balance and mobility FSST x x x x
SPPB x x x x
mini-BEST x x x x
Community ambulation x x x  
Cognitive function MoCA x    
TMT x x x x
Mindstreams tests of cogntive function x x   x
Verbal Fluency x x x x
Healthy Related Quality of Life SF-36 x x x x
FES-I x x x x
User satisfaction and views User satisfaction Questionnaire   x   
  1. 2MWT- 2 Minute Walk Test, FSST-Four Square Step Test, SPPB- Short Physical Performance Battery, mini-BEST- The mini-Balance Evaluation Systems Test, MOCA- Montreal Cognitive Assessment, TMT- Trail Making Test, FES-I- Fall Efficacy Scale International.