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Table 2 Clinical course of apraxia and semantic memory impairment following symptom onset and initial radiological assessment

From: Progression of logopenic variant primary progressive aphasia to apraxia and semantic memory deficits

  Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
Ideomotor apraxia 2 years later 2 years later 4 years later
Conceptual apraxia 4 years later 5 years later 8 years later
Episodic memory deficit 4 years later 3 years later 7 years later
Inability to recognize family members or relatives 7 years later 5 years later 9 years later
Pica 7 years later 6 years later 9 years later
Relative hypoperfusion on SPECT Bilateral temporo-parietal area Bilateral temporo-parietal area Bilateral temporo-parietal area
  1. SPECT: single photon emission computed tomography.