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Table 2 Diagnostic criteria for chest infection and urinary tract infection

From: The SCIentinel study - prospective multicenter study to define the spinal cord injury-induced immune depression syndrome (SCI-IDS) - study protocol and interim feasibility data

Type of infection Criteria
Chest infection, if ≥ 3 criteria apply Temperature < 36.0°C or ≥ 37.5°C
Putrid secretion
Pathological respiration (rales, bronchial breathing, tachypnea > 22/min)
Opacities in chest x ray (required for the diagnosis of pneumonia)
Detection of pathogenic germs in sputum
pO2 < 70 mmHg/O2 saturation < 93%
Urinary tract infection, if ≥ 1 criteria apply Bacteriuria with bacterial count > 105 cells/ml
Leukocyturia ≥ 100 WBC/mm3, respectively 100.000 WBC/ml
Symptomatic urinary tract infection, if ≥ 1 criteria apply ≥ 1 criteria for urinary tract infection
≥ 1 of the following criteria: fever, suprapubic or flank discomfort, bladder spasm, increased spasticity, worsening dysreflexia