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Table 4 Administrative interim analysis of the recruitment status for patients without high-dose methylprednisolone treatment

From: The SCIentinel study - prospective multicenter study to define the spinal cord injury-induced immune depression syndrome (SCI-IDS) - study protocol and interim feasibility data

Groups Overall n (%) SCI T4 and above n (%) SCI T5 and below n (%) Control group n (%) Drop out n
Estimated sample size 118 (100) 48 (100) 31 (100) 39 (100) n.a.
Enrolled partients 60 (51) 28 (58) 11 (35) 17 (44) 4
  1. Legend: Sixty patients without high-dose methylprednisolone treatment were included into the SCIentinel trial from August 2011 to April 2013. The number of patients recruited into the group of SCI patients of the neurological level T5 or below was slightly smaller than expected. This does not match the natural distribution of the lesion level and seems to be random. In total, four patients (7%) dropped out of the interim analysis due to occurrence of exclusion criteria.