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Table 1 Results of functional enrichment analysis for DEGs (top 15)

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Gene expression profiling analysis of the putamen for the investigation of compensatory mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease

Term Name Count P-value Adjusted p-value
GO:0032990 Cell part morphogenesis 33 9.58E-09 2.64E-05
GO:0048812 Neuron projection morphogenesis 28 1.04E-07 1.44E-04
GO:0048858 Cell projection morphogenesis 30 1.58E-07 1.45E-04
GO:0032989 Cellular component morphogenesis 40 1.93E-07 1.33E-04
GO:0048667 Cell morphogenesis involved in neuron differentiation 27 2.62E-07 1.45E-04
GO:0031175 Neuron projection development 30 4.04E-07 1.86E-04
GO:0007409 Axonogenesis 25 7.62E-07 3.00E-04
GO:0000902 Cell morphogenesis 36 8.12E-07 2.80E-04
GO:0000904 Cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation 28 1.61E-06 4.93E-04
GO:0030030 Cell projection organization 36 1.76E-06 4.85E-04
GO:0048666 Neuron development 34 2.10E-06 5.27E-04
GO:0030182 Neuron differentiation 40 2.32E-06 5.34E-04
GO:0008285 Negative regulation of cell proliferation 33 2.07E-05 0.004395
GO:0046907 Intracellular transport 49 3.65E-05 0.00717
GO:0031099 Regeneration 12 8.25E-05 0.015071
  1. Count: the number of differentially expressed gene; P-value was obtained by expression analysis systemic explorer test; P-value was adjusted by Benjamini-Hochberg method.