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Table 2 Results of KEGG pathway enrichment analysis for DEGs

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Gene expression profiling analysis of the putamen for the investigation of compensatory mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease

Term Name Count P-value Adjusted p-value
hsa04540 Gap junction 14 2.47E-04 0.038054
hsa04020 Calcium signaling pathway 20 5.87E-04 0.045063
hsa04070 Phosphatidylinositol signaling system 11 0.002342 0.059518
hsa04720 Long-term potentiation 11 0.001217 0.061717
hsa05010 Alzheimer’s disease 18 0.001671 0.063516
hsa04912 GnRH signaling pathway 13 0.002101 0.063907
  1. Count: the number of differentially expressed gene; P-value was obtained by expression analysis systemic explorer test; P-value was adjusted by Benjamini-Hochberg method.