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Table 1 Earlier reports of cognitive function in SCA14

From: Cognition is only minimally impaired in Spinocerebellar ataxia type 14 (SCA14): a neuropsychological study of ten Norwegian subjects compared to intrafamilial controls and population norm

Author IQ Number of patients Other cognitive features
Klebe et al. [17] 1 tested - normal global IQ 15 Patient 1: deficits in abstract thinking and shifting, verbal fluency and inhibitory control, subcortical dementia.
2 patients extensively tested Patient 2: memory deficit and impaired executive functions, impaired working memory, increased sensibility to proactive interference in memory, tendency to perseverate. 2 out of 15 characterized as demented on clinical impression only
Stevanin et al. [27] 4 out of 7 indications of low IQ and difficulty with abstract thinking* 18 Patient 1: executive function deficit, difficulties with memory encoding and retrieval, attention deficit, cognitive slowing, impaired working memory, concept shifting, abstract thinking, resistance to interference and inhibitory control
2 patients extensively tested
Patient 2: impaired executive functions, tendency to perseverate, attention deficit, lack of inhibitory control
Hiramoto et al. [25] n.a. 5 1 patient described with mental retardation, 4 patients described with no intellectual disturbance
Miura et al. [26] Total IQ (66,73,93), verbal IQ (79,77,90), performance IQ (58,74,99) 3 Visual memory deficit in 1
  1. *Evaluated by Progressive Matrix 47.