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Table 1 Clinical description of OPMD patients and pre-symptomatic carriers contributing to this study

From: Nuclear entrapment and extracellular depletion of PCOLCE is associated with muscle degeneration in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy

Symptomatic Pre-symptomatic
Age MRC score Gender Age MRC score Gender
49 4 Female 37 ND Female
54 5 Female 37 ND Female
57 4 Female 38 ND Male
59 5 Male 39 ND Female
60 4 Female 39 ND Female
60 4.5 Female 41 ND Female
66 4.5 Male    
68 3.5 Male    
69 4.5 Female    
  1. The age of medical examination and biopsy sampling is indicated. Medical research conceal (MRC) score is a non-linear clinical measure for muscle strength. MRC was determined in left and right quadriceps and the average of both legs is shown. An MRC smaller than 5 indicates clinical muscle weakness. Clinical investigation was carried out by a single doctor and was performed at the same day of biopsy sampling. Clinical muscle weakness is not found in pre-symptomatic and in controls subjects (ND).