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Table 1 Applied tests/questionnaires and their range and meaning

From: Weight loss, dysphagia and supplement intake in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): impact on quality of life and therapeutic options

Test/questionnaires Range
Self designed questionnaire:  
• Collected information about presence of weight loss, dysphagia, supplement intake, fasciculations, respiratory effort, high calorie supplement intake, PEG patients had to choose “yes” or “no”
• Included the questions: • patients had to choose one of the answers
- How did the PEG insertion/high calorie supplement intake affect your weight? - “Further weight loss”, “weight stabilization”, “weight gain”
- How did the PEG insertion influence your quality of life? - “strong improvement”, “moderate improvement”, “decline”, “no influence”
• Collected data about age, duration of disease, region of onset, sort of supplement. • free text
ALSFRS_R total 0 (maximum disability) to 48 (normal)
ALSFRS_R bulbar 0 (maximum bulbar involvement) to 12 (no bulbar involvement)
BDI 0 (no depression) to 63 (severe depression)
SF36 0 (poorest health) to 100 (best health)