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Table 5 Significant multivariate associations among the study variables (7th day determination, N = 112)

From: Changes of liver enzymes and bilirubin during ischemic stroke: mechanisms and possible significance

Dependent variable Independent variables
  Log (GOT) Log (GPT) Log (γGT) Log (Unc.Bil.) Erythrocytes Hb Log (WBC) Platelets Log (CRP) R2
Log (GOT)   0.78c        0.18b 0.62c
Log (GPT) 0.65c   0.34c       -0.27c 0.69c
Log (γGT)   0.54c      0.33c   0.19a 0.51c
Log (Unc.Bil.)       0.52c     0.27c
Erythrocytes       0.82c     0.68c
Haemoglobin     0.19b 0.74c      0.71c
Log (WBC))   -0.19a 0.34c    0.31c   0.30c 0.52c 0.61c
Platelets       -0.23a 0.38c    0.18c
Log (CRP)       -0.34c 0.65c    0.50c
  1. Results of multiple linear regressions (standardized β coefficients), with backward elimination of non-significant associations.
  2. aP < 0.05, bP < 0.005, cP < 0.001.
  3. CRP = C-reactive protein, GOT = Glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase, GPT = glutamate piruvate transaminase, γGT = gamma glutamyl transferase, WBC = white blood cells.