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Table 7 Risk of bias summary

From: Mindfulness based interventions in multiple sclerosis - a systematic review

  Grossman et al. [40] Mills and Allen [41] Tavee et al. [42]
Random sequence generation (selection bias) Low Unclear NA
Allocation concealment (selection bias) Low Unclear NA
Blinding of assessors (performance bias) Low Unclear High
Blinding of outcome assessment (detection bias) (patient reported outcomes) High High High
Incomplete outcome data addressed (attrition bias) Low Unclear High
Selective outcome reporting (reporting bias) Low High Unclear
Other sources of bias (ie baseline bias) Low Unclear Unclear
  1. 1. Low = Low risk of bias; 2. Unclear = Unclear risk of bias; 3. High = High risk of bias; 4. NA = Not available.