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Table 1 Summary of seven cases of cystic meningioangiomatosis

From: Multicystic meningioangiomatosis

Authors Age (yrs)/sex Symptoms and signs Radiological findings Cyst characteristics Operation Postoperative outcome
Fedi M [3] 18/F Rapidly progressing right hemiparesis and urinary incontinence Three lesions in the left frontal cortex and subcortical white matter, a large meningioma in the foramen magnum, bilateral acoustic and right trigeminal neuromas Small cysts within the lesions Resection of meningioma Died of bilateral brainstem infarction 8 months later
Wang Y [4] 12/M Intractable seizures for 7 years Cystic lesion in the left frontal lobe Large cyst within the lesion Lesionectomy Seizures controlled with antiepileptic drugs for 10 months
Kobayashi H [5] 14/M Intractable seizures for 3 years A 2–3 cm mass containing small cysts in the left frontal lobe; the mass was hypointense on T1 images and isointense on T2 images Small cysts in the periphery of the lesion Total removal Seizures controlled with two antiepileptic drugs for 10 months
Kuchelmeister K [6] 58/M Headache, forgetfulness for 10 years Multiple cysts and a meningioma in the right frontal lobe Septated large multiple cysts Total removal Forgetfulness persisted; no recurrence of the lesion for 2 years after the surgery
Park MS [7] 47/F Headache, generalized seizures for 5 years Round calcified masses and eccentric cysts with edema in the left frontoparietal and right parietal lobes Eccentric cysts in the left lesion Total removal of the left lesion No seizures or headaches for 15 months after the surgery
53/M Headache, generalized seizures for 2 years Dense round calcified cysts in the left frontal and parietal lobes Multiple macrocysts within the lesions Total removal of both frontal and parietal lesions No seizures or headaches for 7 months after the surgery
Author’s case 21/F Generalized complex seizures for 11 years Lesion showing heterogeneous signals in the right temporal lobe Multiple microcysts within the lesion Total surgical removal No seizures for 2 years after the surgery