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Table 4 Weekly follow-up of falling

From: Protocol for a randomized comparison of integrated versus consecutive dual task practice in Parkinson’s disease: the DUALITY trial

In case of a fall:  
Description of fall When did you fall?
  At what time of the day?
  Can you describe what happened at the moment you fell?
What were you doing?
What was the cause of the fall?
  Where did you fall (inside or outside)?
Medication When was the last time before the fall that you took medication?
  Was this medication still working (on or off)?
Freezing Did freezing occur at the time of the fall?
Dual tasking Were your hands free at the time of the fall?
  Were you talking to someone at the time of the fall?
Adverse aspects related to fall Did you have any injury related to the fall?
  Are you more afraid of falling?