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Table 2 Events Table for the Ischemic Stroke Genetics Study

From: The Ischemic Stroke Genetics Study (ISGS) Protocol

  Enrollment 90 ± 14 days after stroke
Variables Cases Controls Cases
Structured interview    
   Demographics X X  
   Medications X X  
   Family history X X  
   Past medical history X X  
   Social and behavioral history X X  
   QVSS X X  
Blood sample X X  
Medical records    
   Vital signs X   
   Laboratory tests X   
   Head imaging X   
   Vascular imaging X   
   Treatments X   
Stroke status    
   Subtyping X   
   Time of stroke onset X   
   NIH Stroke Scale X   
   Barthel Index X   T
   Oxford Handicap Scale X   T
   Glasgow Outcome Scale X   T
  1. NIH, National Institutes of Health; QVSS, Questionnaire for Verifying Stroke-free Status; T, assessment by telephone; X, assessment by face-to-face interview or examination.