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Table 3 Area under the ROC curve of Simpson-Angus Scale (SAS) parameters against DSM-IV diagnosis of Neuroleptic-Induced Parkinsonism.

From: Validity of Simpson-Angus Scale (SAS) in a naturalistic schizophrenia population

SAS item Area under the ROC curve
Gait 0.71
Arm dropping 0.79
Shoulder shaking 0.81
Elbow rigidity 0.93
Wrist rigidity 0.75
Leg pendulousness 0.73
Head dropping 0.75
Glabella tap 0.57
Tremor 0.66
Salivation 0.53
Mean of rigidity items 0.92
Mean of mean rigidity items and other SAS items 0.80
Mean of SAS items 0.92