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Table 2 Definition of patterns of neurological findings

From: Diagnostic accuracy of the neurological upper limb examination II: Relation to symptoms of patterns of findings

Location of mechanical allodynia Patterns Number of limbs classified in agreement
  Reduced strength Sensory deviations Pattern absent Pattern present
Brachial plexus (Upper trunk level) Infraspinatus, post. deltoid, biceps Axillary, musculocutaneous 58 5
Brachial plexus (Cord level) Post. deltoid, biceps, FCR Axillary, median, musculocutaneous 48 21
Suprascapular nerve (Suprascapular notch) Infraspinatus - 55 4
Axillary nerve (Quadrilateral space) Posterior deltoid Axillary 53 20
Musculocutaneous nerve (Coracobrachial muscle) Biceps Musculocutaneous 66 4
Radial nerve (Upper arm) Triceps, ECRB, EPL Radial 64 13
Posterior interosseous nerve ECU - 66 10
Median nerve (Elbow level) FCR, FPL Median 54 10
Carpal tunnel APB Median 79 1
Ulnar nerve (Elbow level) FDP V, ADM Ulnar 74 2
  1. Abbreviations: ECRB = Extensor carpi radialis brevis, ECU = Extensor carpi ulnaris, EPL = Extensor pollicis longus, FPL = Flexor pollicis longus, FCR = Flexor carpi radialis, FDP V = Flexor digitorum profundus to 5th digit, ADM = Abductor digiti minimi, APB = Abductor pollicis brevis