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Figure 1

From: Analysis of Parkinson disease patients from Portugal for mutations in SNCA, PRKN, PINK1 and LRRK2

Figure 1

Electropherograms of the pathogenic point mutations found. image of the four pathogenic variants discovered in our series. A) chromatogram of the homozygous 154delA in PRKN exon 2, predicted to cause the N52fsX80 aminoacid change; B) chromatogram of the new mutation G1183T in PRKN exon 11, apparently homozygous, predicted to cause a premature stop codon at position 395; C) chromatogram of the heterozygous G6055A in LRRK2 exon 41, predicted to cause the G2019S change; D) chromatogram of the heterozygous C719T variant in PRKN exon 6, predicted to cause the T240M change.

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