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Table 3 Main Findings of Pontine Infarction Patients with PMH or Hemiplegia

From: Pontine infarction with pure motor hemiparesis or hemiplegia: A prospective study

Study No. of patients main clinical findings risk factors time and finding of CT scan time and finding of MRI MRA outcome
Nighoghossian et al.[8] (1993) 6 PMH, hypertension, gait ataxia, vertigo smoking, DM 36h(8–72h) after the stroke, CT(-) 20d(12–27d) after the stroke, MRI(+) yes the rate of disability is 86%
Kim et al. [6] (1995) 17 PMH, dysarthria, distinct lingual paresis hypertension not provided not provided two of them had occlusion of ICA Not provided
Heo et al. (1996) [4] 1 PMH, not provided 3d after stroke, CT(+) 1.5 month after stroke, MRI(+) yes Not provided
Kumral et al. [7] (2002) 39 PMH, dysarthria, ataxia hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, DM, smoking not provided 7d within the stroke 7d within the stroke Good
Our study 12 PMH or hemiplegia, Nonvertiginous dizziness DM within 6 h after the stroke CT(-) within 72 h after the stroke MRI(+) within 72 h after the stroke good
  1. CT: computed tomographic; DM: diabetes mellitus, PMH: pure motor hemiparesis; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; MRA: magnetic resonance angiography.