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Table 1 Details and schedule of saMS trial assessment procedures

From: Protocol for the saMS trial (supportive adjustment for multiple sclerosis): a randomized controlled trial comparing cognitive behavioral therapy to supportive listening for adjustment to multiple sclerosis

Measures administered Baseline (week 0) Mid-therapy (week 5) Post-therapy (week 15) 6 month follow-up (week 26) 12 month follow-up (week 52)
Demographics X - - - -
Detailed MS questions-(date of diagnosis, time since symptoms started, type of MS, recent and current relapses, treatment for depression, supplements or alternative therapies, participation in MS organizations) X - - - -
Brief MS questions (recent changes in medication, interventions, recent and current relapses) - - X X X
Expectations/preferences for therapy X - - - -
Global improvement and satisfaction ratings - - X - -
Feedback on CBT manual/strategies - - X - -
Continuation of use of CBT - - - X X
General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12 [41]) X X X X X
Work and Social Adjustment Scale (WSAS [43]) X X X X X
Beliefs about Emotions Scale (BES; Rimes & Chalder; in preparation) X X X X X
Significant Others Scale (SOS [49]) X - X X X
Acceptance of Chronic Health Conditions Scale (ACHC [45]) X X X X X
Psychological Vulnerability Scale (PVS [46]) X X X X X
Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire (B-IPQ [48]) X X X X X
Cognitive and Behavioural Responses to Symptoms Questionnaire (CBRSQ; Moss-Morris, Chalder, Skerrett & Baldwin, in preparation) X X X X X
Client Service Receipt Inventory (CSRI [51]) X - - X X
EuroQoL (EQ5D [44]) X - - X X
Self-report Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS [50]) X - - - X