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Figure 1

From: Limitations in a frataxin knockdown cell model for Friedreich ataxia in a high-throughput drug screen

Figure 1

Depletion of frataxin in ribozyme clones. (A) Representative western blot analyses of protein extracts from different ribozymes clones revealed with polyclonal frataxin antibody is shown (five independent experiments were performed for quantitative analysis in B). Normalization was done using β-tubulin as a loading control. (B) Frataxin mRNA (white) and protein (grey) levels in antisense ribozyme fibroblast clones R2C1, R2C2, R5C1 and R5C2, compared to the FrdaL2+/L- non-transfected cell line. Three quantitative-RT-PCR analyses were performed on whole cellular RNA extracts, comparing frataxin expression to the reference Hprt gene. *p ≤ 0.05; ***p ≤ 0.005.

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