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Table 2 Measures collected at enrolment and the three assessment time points

From: Protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial investigating the effectiveness of Fast muscle Activation and Stepping Training (FAST) for improving balance and mobility in sub-acute stroke

  Time 1: Study enrolment Time 2: Baseline assessment Time 3: Follow up assessment Time 4: Retention assessment
Demographic information    
Stroke specific information    
Medical information    
Mini-mental Status Exam    
Chedoke-McMaster Stroke Assessment leg & foot score
Berg Balance Scale
Community Balance and Mobility Scale  
Activities-specific Balance Confidence questionnaire  
10 Metre Walk Test (fast walking speed)  
Biodex – maximum voluntary contraction EMG  
Self-selected walking speed  
Gait – kinematic, kinetic and EMG parameters  
Physiological Balance Test – Postural stress test (external perturbations)  
Physiological Balance Test – Arm raise task (internal perturbations)  
Physiological Balance Test – Stepping Reactions (internal perturbations)  
Helpfulness of treatment received in improving balance