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Table 1 Blood samples taken during the first 72 hours

From: Mechanisms, predictors and clinical impact of early neurological deterioration: the protocol of the Trondheim early neurological deterioration study

  Admission Inclusion (<4 h) 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours
Sodium X   X X X
Potassium X   X X X
Creatinine X   X X X
Urate    X   
Osmolality   X X X X
Haemoglobin X   X X X
Leucocyte count X   X X X
Platelet count X     
EVF X     
PT-INR X     
Fibrinogen   X   X X
D-dimer   X   X X
Troponin T X   X   X
Total cholesterol    X   
HDL cholesterol    X   
LDL cholesterol    X   
Triglycerides    X   
Glucose X   X   
HbA1c    X   
HS-CRP   X X   X
Lp(a)   X    
Albumin   X