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Figure 5

From: SOX4 inhibits GBM cell growth and induces G0/G1 cell cycle arrest through Akt-p53 axis

Figure 5

Microarry analysis of genes regulated by SOX4 in LN229 SOX4 overexpressed cells. (A) Validation of SOX4 regulated gene by Real-time PCR. The relative expression of target gene was normalized to the endogenous control GAPDH. Three replicate PCR were performed and the standard errors of the mean were indicated by error bars. (B) Validation of SOX4 increased beta-catenin in LN229_pSFH/A172_pSFH/U87_pSFH compare to LN229_con/A172_con/U87_con cells by RT-PCR and Western blotting with anti beta-catenin antibody. (C) Validation of SOX4 increased beta-catenin in LN229_pSFH/A172_pSFH compare to LN229_con/A172_con by Western blotting with anti phosphor-beta-catenin antibody. (D) Validation of cellular localization of SOX4 increased beta-catenin. Anti-histone H3 antibody was used to normalize the amount of nuclear sample.

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