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Table 1 Biology process enriched in SOX4 regulated gene in LN229_pSFH cells by GO analysis

From: SOX4 inhibits GBM cell growth and induces G0/G1 cell cycle arrest through Akt-p53 axis

GO Annotation Count P Value
GO:0007049 Cell cycle 187 8.05E-40
GO:0006260 DNA replication 59 4.30E-18
GO:0006974 Response to DNA damage stimulus 78 5.92E-13
GO:0033554 Cellular response to stress 96 3.11E-10
GO:0007010 Cytoskeleton organization 73 9.30E-08
GO:0008283 Cell proliferation 68 3.62E-06
GO:0010941 Regulation of cell death 100 4.56E-04
GO:0006916 Anti-apoptosis 33 0.001012965
GO:0045596 Negative regulation of cell differentiation 34 0.001139053