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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of these 20 patients

From: Influence of morphology and hemodynamic factors on rupture of multiple intracranial aneurysms: matched-pairs of ruptured-unruptured aneurysms located unilaterally on the anterior circulation

No. Habit, S/D Comorbidity Site Other site# Hunt-hess grade Operation
1   HBP, BH MCA*, C5   4 Bled-site clipping
2    C7*, MCA   1 Bled-site coiling
3   HBP, AS, DVT C7*, C6   2 Bled-site coiling
4   HPL, PKD C6* , C7   2 Bled-site coiling
5 D DM, HPL, CI, DVT C7*, C6   2 Bled-site clipping
6    C6*, MCA   2 Bled-site coiling
7 D HBP ACA*, C5   2 Bled-site coiling
8 S HHCY C7*, C6   2 Bled-site clipping
9   HBP C7*, MCA ACA 2 Two-stage treatment
10   HBP MCA*, C7   3 Bled-site coiling
11    C7*, C4 C4 1 No operation
12 S,D HBP, DVT ACoA*, C6   3 Bled-site coiling
13 S HBP, HPL,HHCY, AS, DVT, C7*, MCA   3 Bled-site coiling
14   HBP, HPL, CHD C7*, MCA C7 2 Bled-site coiling
15   HBP, DM, AS C7*, MCA C7 2 Bled-side clipping
16   HBP, HHCY, HD C7*, C4 C7, C4 3 No operation
17   HBP, HPL C7*, ACoA   3 Bled-side clipping
18   HBP MCA*, C7 C7 3 Two-stage treatment
19   HBP, DVT C7*, MCA   1 Bled-side clipping
20 D HHCY, AS, DVT ACoA*, C7 BA 1 Bled-side clipping
  1. S/D, Smoker/drinker; HBP, Hypertension; BH, Brain hernia; AS, Atherosclerosis ; DVT, Deep vein thrombosis; HPL, Hyperlipidemia; PKD, Polycystic kidney disease; DM, Diabetes mellitus; CI, Cerebral infarction; HHCY, Hyperhomocysteinemia; CHD, Coronary heart disease;
  2. the Bouthillier classification of internal carotid artery (ICA) segments: C4, Cavernous; C5, Clinoid; C6, Ophthalmic; C7, Communicating; MCA, Middle cerebral artery; ACA, Anterior cerebral artery; ACoA, Anterior communicating artery;
  3. #coexisting aneurysms on the contralateral side of anterior circulation or vertebrobasilar artery; BA, basilar artery.
  4. *the ruptured group.