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Box 1 Standardized cognitive test battery

From: The Dutch Parelsnoer Institute - Neurodegenerative diseases; methods, design and baseline results

Test Cognitive domain(s)
Mini Mental State Examination1 Global cognition
15 Word-Auditory Verbal Learning Test2 Episodic memory
Visual Association Test, short version3 Implicit associative visual learning
Digit-Span of the WAIS III (forward and backward)4 Working memory
Fluency, 60 seconds (animals)5 Verbal word fluency/semantic memory
Letter Digit Substitution Test, 60 seconds6 Information processing speed
Stroop Color Word Test (SCWT)7, 10x10 items, 4 colors Information processing speed, attention and respons inhibition/executive functioning
Trail Making Test (TMT) (Part A and B)8 Information processing speed, attention and concept shifting/executive functioning
Optional: dot counting and incomplete letters of the Visual Object and Space Perception Battery Visual perception
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