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Table 1 List of the reported cases of spinal myoclonus due to demyelinating disorders in the literature

From: Spinal segmental myoclonus as an unusual presentation of multiple sclerosis

No Age/gender Diagnosis Predominant site of myoclonus Muscle involved Location of MRI lesion Author, year
1 13/F MS Left arm Triceps bicep, brachioradialis - Jankovic et al., 1986 [1]
2 23/F MS Right arm/shoulder Latissimus dorsi, deltoid, triceps, SCM, trapezius C2-C4 Kapoor et al., 1992 [4]
3 - MS - - Cervical cord Khafizova et al., 2014 [8]
4 7/M ADEM Left arm Upper paraspinal C1-2 Kabakus et al., 2006 [9]
5 59/F NMO Right leg - - De Mattos et al., 1993 [10]
6 32/F NMO Axial Rectus abdominis, SCM T8-T10 Vetrugno et al., 2009 [11]
7 12/M Transverse Myelitis Right leg Quadriceps, hamstring Normal Keswani et al., 2002 [12]
  1. ADEM: Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis; SCM: Sternocleimastoid; MS: Multiple Sclerosis; NMO: Neuromyelitis Optica.