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Table 1 Methodological quality assessment of the included systematic reviews

From: An overview of systematic reviews on upper extremity outcome measures after stroke

Author year Primary objective or research question Literature search and data extraction process Requirements of the measurement properties for the outcome measures in primary studies
   Comprehensive search (>2 databases, strategy)/number of papers included Clear inclusion/exclusion criteria Duplicate search Duplicate data extraction Reference provided Values reported Standard and/or criteria
Ashford 2008 [22] Identify valid and reliable OM (real-life function) Yes/84 Yes Yes Yes Yes Level Standard & criteria
Baker 2011 [21] Selection strategy and identification of scientifically sound UE OM suitable for robot trials Yes/230 Yes - - Yes Partly Standard
Connell 2012 [31] Review psychometrics and clinical utility of UE OM Yes/NR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Standard & criteria
Croarkin 2004 [32] Review and evaluate psychometrics of UE motor function tests Yes/170 Yes Yes - Yes Yes Standard & criteria
Gebruers 2010 [30] Assess psychometrics and clinical applicability of accelerometry measures Yes/25 Yes Yes - Yes yes No
Hillier 2010 [23] Develop and evaluate a process of OM selection for community settings Yes/300 Yes - 20% No No Standard
Lemmens 2012 [33] Identify, evaluate, categorize valid and reliable activity level UE OM Yes/747 Yes Yes - Yes No No
Platz 2005 [34] Review evidence of psychometric properties of OM for spasticity Yes/110 Yes Yes Yes Yes Partly No
Simpson 2013 [35] Review the responsiveness of OM for UE recovery Yes/68 Yes - - Yes Yes No
Sivan 2011 [14] Classify, evaluate UE OM used in robot-assisted trials Yes/28 Yes Yes Yes Yes Level Standard & criteria
Tse 2013 [36] Identify, evaluate the psychometrics of participation OM Yes/119 Yes - - Yes Yes Standard & criteria
Van Peppen 2007 [37] Develop clinical practice guideline for physiotherapy (OM, intervention, prognosis) Yes/32 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Standard & criteria
Velstra 2011 [38] Review reliability, responsiveness and content validity of UE OM Yes/44 Yes Yes - Yes No Not reported
  1. Abbreviations: OM outcome measures, UE upper extremity.